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What secrets could they whisper to each other? The book is appropriate for children from 10 years old.

What do two teenagers, a stone lion, a prehistoric superhero and the mythical Cyclops have in
common? Probably nothing but if you get them all together, some really interesting situations arise.
Two twelve-year-old children live with their families outside Mycenae, in the Peloponnese. The Time is the deep past, it does not really matter when exactly. It could just as well be our
time, as teenagers are always the same, with their interests, their dreams, their concerns, their hidden and open reactions, their saucy curiosity and above all their insatiable thirst for adventures and heroes .
On the other hand who has not heard of the awesome wall encircling the Mycenaean castle and the famous Lions’ Gate? What mythical creatures could have built and decorated it with its lion guards? And what happens when on a starry night the teenagers, the lion and the stones,
built by the prehistoric heroes, find themselves together?

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